Anthony Donnelly-Drummond

Anthony Donnelly-Drummond is a lecturer in Criminology at the University of Hull, UK. His research approach is interdisciplinary drawing on law (especially human rights) sociology, criminology and social policy. Much of Anthony’s research work concerns outsiders such as Gypsies and Travellers. From 2009 – 2011 he was employed as manager of a charitable support service for vulnerable members of the Gypsy Traveller and Roma communities across Northants and Luton town.  Prior to that experience, whilst completing his PhD: Irish Travellers and the criminal justice systems across the island of Ireland at the University of Ulster, from 2004 – 2006, he was employed as a Voluntary Independent Representative for NIACRO in Northern Ireland, acting as an advocate for young people held in custody. He has also liaised with HMPS and probation and police concerning offenders, especially those belonging to the GTR communities.



Principle publications

Donnelly-Drummond, A. (2015) Becoming Visible: Gypsy Roma Travellers in Prison, Prison Service Journal. Publication date May 2015. 

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Drummond, A. (2007) ‘Keep on Moving, Don't Stop Now: Anti-trespass Laws on the Island of Ireland’, (Eds. Micheal Hayes & Thomas Acton) p; 37 - 53, in, Travellers, Gypsies, Roma: The Demonisation of Difference, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne.    

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