Katie Liston


Dr Katie Liston completed her undergraduate degree in social science (obtaining a first class honours in sociology) at University College Dublin. There she was introduced to the work of Norbert Elias by Professor Stephen Mennell, then Head of the Department of Sociology, and Visiting Professor Eric Dunning, who offered a series of classes on the sociology of sport. Both eminent figurational sociologists, they acted as supervisors in her doctoral study in the sociology of sport, which was completed in 2005 during her employment at the Chester Centre for Research in the Sociology of Sport, at the University of Chester, UK. Katie joined the School of Sport, Ulster University, Jordanstown, in September 2008 where she continues to be active in teaching sociology and researching various aspects of social life through her membership of Ulster’s Sport and Exercise Sciences Research Institute. She is editor of Human Figurations: longterm perspectives on the human condition which is an interdisciplinary open-access, peer-reviewed journal hosted by Michigan Publishing and supported by the Norbert Elias Foundation. She is also Associate Editor of Figurations (the newsletter published by the Elias Foundation) and her work bridges the sub-discipline of the sociology of sport and the wider discipline of sociology more generally. As a senior lecturer, she teaches at undergraduate and postgraduate levels (including the leadership of an MSc programme); her research interests are varied including: the sociology of sport, health and exercise; gender relations; sociological theory; figurational sociology and the work of Elias; sport in Ireland; and national identity. Katie also holds national and international sporting honours in gaelic football, soccer, athletics and rugby.


Dr Katie Liston

School of Sport

Ulster University


County Antrim

BT37 0QB

United Kingdom


Twitter: @kliston14

Webpage: http://www.science.ulster.ac.uk/sports/profiles/k.liston.php

Telephone: +44 (0)28 90368539

Selected Publications

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